How to submit your VAT Return online

What to do if you have problems submitting your online return

Check you have completed everything correctly

If the system won't accept your online return it's important to check you have filled in all the relevant boxes in the correct format. Where you do find an error, you can normally change things and re-send it.

Check for system errors

If you have checked everything, but HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC's) system won't accept your return, you should check the HMRC website (follow the link below) to see if there are any known problems and what to do if there are.

If you can't find the information that answers your problem on the HMRC website, then contact HMRC's VAT Online Services Helpdesk (follow the link below for contact details).

If you find that you can't submit your return due to a problem with your own computer, your software provider or the HMRC service being unavailable, then you will need to:

  • print or make a note of the error message details
  • check with your commercial software provider as part of your normal support arrangements

If you miss the deadline to submit your return online or to pay your VAT electronically you may be liable to a surcharge. To avoid the possibility of a surcharge for late payment, make sure payment of any VAT due on your return clears into HMRC's account by the due date.

Find out if there are any current problems with VAT online services on the HMRC website.

Read about what counts as a reasonable excuse for submitting online returns late on the HMRC website.

Read about signing up for email reminders in our guide on how to sign up to use VAT online services.

Contact the VAT Online Services Helpdesk on the HMRC website.

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