Join Catalyst’s Co-Founders programme to meet a co-founder, create a product and embark on a start-up journey.

Eligibility criteria: 

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • are someone with an idea for a great new product and need a team - you might even be well beyond an idea and have a prototype or a product with sales
  • are someone with a track record of success in your career to date (you can do deals/have cracked a significant commercial or technical challenge/other significant achievement)
  • want to develop a product that can disrupt a market and build a significant company around it
Additional information: 

A Co-Founder is a person who, in conjunction with one or two others, is instrumental in starting a business. Many people would love to be an entrepreneur but may not have a product idea or may not know someone who has complementary skills.

Co-Founders from Catalyst is a programme that aims to bring together skilled and talented individuals who want to be successful entrepreneurs.

To be considered for Co-Founders, you must have a unique set of skills. You are able to see problems that others simply can't. You also possess the experience and resilience to build a product and business with massive potential.

Apply for Co-Founders if you want to start a company or join a start-up team and have the time, energy and enthusiasm to commit to the programme. Co-Founders is not a training and development programme - the programme is looking for the best talent to apply because you want to create a great product.

Support organisation: 
Sonya Kerr
028 9073 7828