Intensive, specialist mentoring support for local innovative companies with growth potential.

Eligibility criteria: 

Springboard is for innovative companies, headquartered in Northern Ireland with the ambition to grow revenue to (or beyond) £10 million in five years.  Participation in the programme is free but will involve a time commitment.

Additional information: 

Once accepted into Springboard you will be assigned specialist business mentors (Entrepreneurs in Residence, EiRs) to coach you. Assisted by a pool of over 400 subject matter experts, EiRs will provide honest and insightful feedback based on their experience growing successful global businesses. Their role, as ‘critical friends’ is to help you refine and confirm the real opportunity, qualify and improve your value proposition and build a compelling commercialisation strategy. Their help will significantly reduce your go-to-market risk, developing a more investible proposition.

After completion of the Core Process, Springboard alumni can benefit from structured workshops specifically developed to address fundamental business growth blockers, including marketing, sales and access to capital. 

No matter what issues you face, the team will work with you unconditionally to assist your growth ambitions.

Support organisation: 
Dominique Cummins
028 9073 7800