Trading in the European Union

Accept and make payments in euros


Providing euro-denominated price lists can be an important first step for businesses selling to the eurozone. It's possible to quote prices in euros and then accept payment in sterling, but this makes the transaction more complicated for your potential customer - they have to accept the cost and risk of exchanging euros for sterling with which to pay you.

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Most customers who use the euro will prefer to be able to make their purchases using the euro rather than having to exchange it into sterling first - it's much more convenient. Accepting payment in euros may make your goods or services more attractive to a large number of potential customers across the eurozone.

Buyers of goods and services from the eurozone may also need to consider making payments in euros. Depending on your bargaining power you may be able to insist on making payment in sterling - but some vendors may be unwilling or unable to accept currencies other than the euro.

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