Exporting to Brazil

Advantages and challenges of exporting to Brazil

There are advantages and also potential challenges for NI companies doing business in Brazil.

Advantages include:

  • strong industrial, business and consumer base
  • a sustained period of economic growth
  • European-oriented culture and business practices
  • political stability and a solid democracy
  • most of the world’s largest investment banks are headquartered in São Paulo

Brazil has an enormous potential for Northern Ireland companies, but it will take time, money and effort.

Challenges include:

  • complex tax system with high taxes
  • long journeys between cities and states, where cultures can vary significantly
  • a lot of importance is put on personal contact, you may need to visit several times before securing a deal
  • ranked 72 in the Transparency International’s corruption perception index (CPI)
  • organised crime is a significant problem in some parts of Brazil