Exporting to Oman

Advantages and challenges of exporting to Oman

There are advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Oman.


  • UK is Oman's biggest foreign investor
  • English is widely spoken and accepted as a business language
  • British standards are widely used
  • 7,000 UK residents make up the largest Western expatriate segment
  • majority of western tourists come from the UK
  • strong government investments in infrastructure, healthcare and education
  • no personal income tax
  • full repatriation of capital, net profit and royalties
  • proximity to other Gulf markets
  • good connectivity by air to all major cities


A high level of business loyalty and a long term approach are essential for success in this market. Challenges include:

  • time it takes to set up a local operation (if outside of the free trade zones) and to obtain the required government licenses
  • local ownership requirements (if outside of the free trade zones)
  • Omanisation – need to employ Omani nationals
  • risk of payment delays