Essential Skills: developing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills

Advantages of Essential Skills training


The skills level of your workforce has a direct and measurable impact on the efficiency and profitability of your organisation.

Recent research has shown that 17 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland have poor levels of literacy skills and 24 per cent have poor numeracy skills.

Figures indicate that, as a result, employers here could be losing thousands of pounds every year:

  • smaller employers could be losing as much as £86,000 per year
  • larger employers could be up to £500,000 a year worse off

Key advantages of Essential Skills training

Improved Essential Skills in the workplace could help your business to:

  • increase profits
  • improve performance
  • improve accuracy and quality
  • improve communication
  • comply with regulations
  • improve recruitment
  • retain staff
  • develop good customer relations
  • improve morale, motivation and job satisfaction

The training is free and can be customised to fit in with your business requirements.