Promote good work/life balance in your business

Advantages of improved work/life balance

Introducing employment policies that encourage a healthier work/life balance for your employees can bring real benefits to your business.

Work/life balance advantages: employees

A good work/life balance can enable employees to feel more in control of their working life and lead to:

  • increased productivity
  • lower absenteeism
  • a happier, less stressed workforce
  • improvements in employee health and well-being
  • a more positive perception of you as an employer
  • greater employee loyalty, commitment and motivation
  • a reduction in staff turnover and recruitment costs

Work/life balance advantages: business

The benefits of a work-life balance initiative are not confined to just the workforce. Work/life policies and flexible working practices can also benefit your business as you can:

  • react to changing market conditions more effectively and meet customer demands - for example, shift work, part-time work and flexitime can help you open longer without making your employees work longer hours
  • meet seasonal peaks and troughs in your business
  • boost your competitiveness
  • reduce staff trunover and minimise recruitment costs - see control staff turnover
  • become recognised as a business that people want to work for and therfore you can attract top talent