Products of animal origin - international trade regulations

Appeals for rejected products of animal origin

Occasionally your products of animal origin (POAO) may not be cleared at the Border Control Post (BCP). Read more about what happens if my product of animal origin goods aren't cleared?

If you wish to contest a refusal for entry of your goods, your first step is to check the back of the control notice, as this will show you the reasons for the refusal. This will also tell you the organisation to which you should direct an appeal.

Appeal considerations

You will need to carefully consider whether it's worth appealing - note that an appeal can take considerable time and its value is often questionable for perishable goods. It may be better to examine whether the goods can be re-exported or processed into saleable by-products.

You should consider at which stage of the process problems have arisen. Were your goods rejected by, for example:

  • an Animal Health veterinary inspection and Veterinary Laboratories Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • a local authority department, such as environmental health

In many cases, rejection can be avoided in the future once you have isolated the reasons for it.

If you wish to make an appeal against any enforcement action or notices served on you, it's a good idea to take legal advice. The details of who to appeal to, and the time limits within which you must lodge an appeal, will be clearly stated on any control notices or formal documents.