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4 October 2018

Access support to increase your cross-border export sales

InterTradeIreland's Acumen programme provides funding to help businesses increase their cross-border export sales in Ireland or Northern Ireland, directly supporting them to employ a new recruit in sales and marketing.

You could be eligible for up to £15,000 in funding towards the salary of a sales person to help build your business cross-border.

Programme eligibility

To qualify for financial support through the Acumen programme ideally your business should be:

  • a manufacturing or a tradable service company with an annual turnover below £40 million (or euro equivalent)
  • a company that employs less than 250 people
  • an indigenous company (not multinational or foreign owned)
  • committed to the development of new product markets with the potential of job creation
  • a company with an established relationship with a mainstream development agency (Invest Northern Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Údarás na Gaeltachta, a Local Enterprise Office, a Local Enterprise Agency)

In addition, you should also have:

  • a satisfactory track record in your home market
  • less than 30% of total business in the target cross-border market already
  • a sufficiently unique product that does not displace existing products in the marketplace
  • a project that can demonstrate that it may not happen without support
  • the capacity (human, financial & production) to deliver the project

Please note that businesses involved in retail, distribution and agriculture are not eligible for assistance under this scheme.

Apply to the programme

Find out how Colm Gribben of Viltra, based in Newry, benefited from InterTradeIreland’s Acumen programme.

Apply to the Acumen programme.