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Applying for an SBRI contract to develop new technology - Sentireal (video)

Case Study

In 2015, Belfast-based Sentireal won Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) funding to develop a proof-of-concept on the use of assistive technologies for people with brain injury. Subsequently, Sentireal went on to develop its flagship product, SensARy software development kit.

Here, Sentireal's founder and principal Dr David Trainor explains how he applied for and won an SBRI contract, and how this has provided a jump-start for his innovative technology business.

Case Study

David Trainor


David's top tips:

  • "Be selective. Make sure that you focus on competitions that are aligned to your business case and goals."
  • "Make sure that you address all the points in your application and guidance notes. Preparation is key."
  • "Follow up with the body that made the award. This opens up potential for further interaction and success."