Exporting to Asia-Pacific

Assess the opportunity for trading with Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for almost two thirds of global trade. The different countries and cultures have different import needs that can be exploited by different Northern Ireland businesses. Investigate the diverse economies in the region to find the best openings for you.

Choosing a target country

Each country has particular strengths. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, have strong knowledge-based economies with an emphasis on technology. These markets could be suitable for Northern Ireland exports in:

  • information and communications technology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • call-centres
  • service industries
  • retail - particularly luxury and branded goods

China, South Korea and the Philippines can offer opportunities in:

  • manufacturing
  • agriculture
  • fishing

Try to research the market profile of individual countries before you proceed any further. You can find market reports for Asia Pacific countries.

Identifying customers

Most economies in the region are made up of businesses with a similar structure to those in Northern Ireland. There are also countries where governments are investing heavily in infrastructure projects, such as Singapore and Indonesia. These can be good customers for Northern Ireland businesses. The Department for International Trade can help you to find out about potential customers in the region. Read more about the available support from the Department for International Trade.