ATA and CPD carnets



ATA and CPD (Carnet de Passages en Douane) carnets provide for goods/motor vehicles to be taken temporarily into or out of the European Union (EU) for purposes such as exhibiting at a trade fair or taking part in a motor sport without having to complete the customs declarations and formalities normally required. Their use is not mandatory but where they are available they simplify customs clearances in dispatching and receiving countries that are party to the ATA carnet or Istanbul Conventions.

ATA carnets are used to claim relief under temporary admission, from the customs charges normally due on importation for goods temporarily imported for use within the EU. They can also be used to temporarily export EU goods for a temporary admission use outside the EU provided those countries accept ATA carnets for the intended use - eg for professional equipment, exhibition goods, samples, music, film and theatre productions.

CPD carnets can be used for private or commercial motor and motor sport vehicles temporarily exported from the EU to a non EU country.

The guide covers using ATA carnets when exporting from the UK and how to apply for an ATA carnet.