Supplementary Declarations for export

Authorisation to use Supplementary Declarations

To make Supplementary Declarations (SDs) you need to use the National Export System (NES) to submit all notifications and declarations electronically to the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) computer system. If you wish to do this yourself, you need authorisation. Read more about using an authorised agent for Supplementary Declarations.

To make full pre-shipment declarations, you need to apply to the Entry Processing Control Office for access to the CHIEF computer system.

If you're already approved for Outward Processing Relief (OPR) and wish to use SDs with OPR, you have to ask for your OPR authorisation to be amended either to include the use of simplified procedures, or to include details of the agent you use and their NES authorisation.

To use electronic declarations and NES, there will be start-up costs for your business. Customs may wish to make a pre-authorisation visit to your premises to carry out assurance checks on your records and computer system.

Authorisation criteria and conditions

To be eligible for authorisation to use the simplified procedures you must:

  • Have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. EORI has replaced TURN, the Trader Unique Reference Number.
  • Be a legal entity in the UK, eg sole proprietor, partnership, public limited company or private limited company.
  • Have a good record of compliance with customs and other related requirements, eg Intrastat submissions, VAT returns.
  • Regularly declare goods.

As an authorised NES operator you must retain all records relating to the export of goods for no less than four years for customs purposes and six years for VAT purposes. Your records and any information contained in them must be provided to customs as they will be subject to periodic audits by local Customs staff. The purpose of these audits will be to check that you're complying with the terms and conditions of your authorisation.

Traders using the simplified procedures will be required to:

  • allocate a Unique Consignment Reference to each export consignment which can be used to trace the transaction through their records
  • hold authorisations for other regimes such as Inward Processing Relief, OPR, etc which they wish to use in conjunction with the simplified procedures
  • declare only eligible goods
  • submit electronically to customs, directly or via a third party, in the specified form the pre-shipment declarations for all consignments
  • submit electronically to customs, directly or via a third party, valid and completed SDs within the required time limit

How to get authorised

Read more about Use the National Export System to make an export declaration.

The National Advice Service will be able to deal with any queries about the NES models you're interested in being authorised for.