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Autonomous last-mile resupply: apply for contracts

21 April 2017

Up to £3 million is available for novel autonomous last mile resupply systems

The Ministry of Defence is to invest in projects that look at ways of using autonomous systems in the 'last mile' of the supply chain to front-line military operations.

Last-mile resupply involves delivery of combat materials from a physical base or logistics vehicle and is often challenging because of the hostile and contested environment. Although described as last-mile, real-life distances could be up to 30km in some instances.

Current ways of supplying the front line involve transport aircraft, helicopters, large trucks, trailers with quad bikes and soldiers on foot.

This funding competition is looking for solutions in three challenge areas:

  • unmanned air and ground load-carrying platforms
  • technologies and systems that allow load-carrying platforms to operate autonomously
  • technologies to autonomously predict, plan, track and optimise re-supply demands from military users

Total funding for phase 1 is up to £1.5 million. In addition, up to £1.5 million is available for phase 2 projects. The competition is for fully funded contracts under Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

The competition is now open. The deadline for applications is midday on 21 June 2017. A networking event for potential applicants will take place in London on 23 May 2017.

You must submit proposals via the Accelerator online submission service.

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