Brexit: Environmental standards

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Implications for business activities falling within environmental regulation after 1 January 2021

Human health and the environment is currently protected by a large body of existing EU environmental law, domestic legislation and international agreements covering areas including air quality, waste and resources, water, wildlife and habitats, chemicals and pesticides.

The EU Withdrawal Act 2018 will ensure all existing EU environmental law continues to operate in UK law, providing businesses and stakeholders with certainty as the UK leaves the EU.

The UK government and devolved administrations will amend current legislation to correct references to EU legislation, transfer powers from EU institutions to domestic institutions and ensure we meet international agreement obligations.

You can read more about the government's commitment to upholding environmental standards after 1 January 2021.

Environmental guidance by business activity
Depending on your business activities, there are preparations which your business should make for 1 january 2021. The government has published a series of technical guide on areas of environmental regulation detailing potential legal, regulatory and administrative changes.

More information
For more detailed guidance on environmental regulation and standards during the transition period and after 1 January 2021, see the EU Exit questions and answers page on the DAERA website.