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Brexit: Exporting products of animal origin to the EU in a 'no-deal' scenario

8 August 2019

Engage with DEARA to prepare for Brexit if your business exports products of animal origin 

Food distributors intending to export products of animal origin (POAO) to retail and catering businesses in the EU (including Republic of Ireland) are being urged to engage with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

DAERA is undertaking a sector-specific survey to gauge the potential demand for export health certificates within this sector and is asking all food distributors to complete an on-line questionnaire which will assist planning.

Participating in this exercise will also help businesses plan for the additional requirements that may arise in the event of a ‘no-deal’ scenario. 

What is a product of animal origin (POAO)?
POAO are defined as any products derived from animals or products that have a close relationship with animals. These include:

  • fresh meat and offal
  • game and poultry
  • minced meat, meat preparations such as fresh sausages and hamburgers,
  • meat products such as cooked meat and ham
  • composite products containing meat
  • fish, shellfish and fish products
  • milk and dairy products,
  • composite products which contain 50% or more processed dairy product, eggs or milk
  • composite products which contain 50% or less dairy, eggs or fish, and which are not shelf-stable.
  • animal protein for human consumption
  • processed pet food or raw material for pet food production
  • lard and rendered fats
  • animal casings
  • eggs and egg products
  • honey
  • bones, bone products and gelatine

The certification process is delivered under government authorisation and gives animal and public health assurance to importing customers and countries.

What action should my business take?
Any food business which intends to export POAO after EU exit should read the information and complete the online questionnaire so that further advice can be provided.