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Brexit: Get supply chain ready

1 November 2019

E-learning resources to help Northern Ireland businesses get supply chain ready for Brexit

Manufacturing Northern Ireland has partnered with Ulster University to develop a suite of online learning resources to get your business supply chain ready for Brexit. The resources provide practical tips and tools to build your knowledge and skills in supply chain management. This aims to help businesses seize opportunities and increase business performance beyond Brexit.

You can tailor the supply chain training to suit your particular business requirements. You can use these resources to help mitigate risks and identify strategies that could help minimise any potential impact of Brexit.

Supply chain management topics
The resources look at key areas of supply chain management including:

  • your supply chain
  • impact of Brexit
  • managing risk
  • contracting
  • purchasing portfolio
  • supplier performance management
  • logistics
  • sourcing options
  • supply chain culture

Get supply chain ready for Brexit.

Introduction to get supply chain ready for Brexit