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Brexit: Importing fish after a no-deal Brexit

23 August 2019

How to import fish after a no-deal Brexit

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, there may be changes that affect your fisheries business.

Importing fish after a no-deal Brexit

If you import fish to the UK from the EU you will need:

  • a catch certificate
  • supporting documents validated by the country of export, which will vary as they are produced by the exporting country

Fisheries authorities will check these documents for UK imports.

EU fishing vessels must land fish into a designated UK port.

Get supporting documents

If the fish you are importing to the UK have been:

  • stored, you will need a storage document from the exporter
  • processed, you will need a processing statement from the exporter - this must be filled in by the processor and endorsed by the authority in the country of processing

You will not need a health certificate for imports of fish or fish products from the EU for at least 6 months after Brexit.

Re-exporting fish imported from the EU

If you re-export fish that is imported from the EU you will need to complete the re-export section on the catch certificate.

Customs requirements

You must comply with HMRC guidance on customs requirements for importing from the EU.

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