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Brexit: Preparation guidance by business sector

1 October 2019

Sectoral guidance to prepare for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal

Leaving the EU without a deal would affect different sectors in different ways. GOV.UK has prepared information to explain how leaving the EU may affect businesses in broad sectors, and what you can do to get ready. 

Without a deal, your business may need to take action before exit day. The key issues highlighted in the guidance include:

  • importing and exporting
  • implications for your employees
  • regulations and standards
  • sector-specific implications
  • contact details for trade associations which can provide further advice

Sector guides

Read the relevant sector guide to find out about the potential legal, regulatory and administrative changes if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

More information
For more detailed guidance on policy changes relevant to your sector, and to sign up for email updates, use the GOV.UK tool to help prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU.