Protect your business against crime

Business premises security measures

In order to protect your business premises from crime, first carry out a business premises security survey. Once you have determined the main security risks to your business, you can decide what actions you should take.

Delay and deter criminal activity

The basic idea is to introduce measures that will delay and deter potential offenders from seeing your business as an easy target for crime.

Protecting entry points such as windows, doors and cellar entrances are important, but making your entrance unattractive to customers would be inappropriate. Consider the fabric of your premises and how a criminal might gain access. Should they decide to cut their way into your building, consider whether they can achieve this without being seen. For example, should you own a shop with valuables, perhaps anti-ram-raid bollards might be appropriate.

Use the 'onion-peeling' principle to think about the layers of your business and premises. For each layer consider how you can:

  • increase the effort for a criminal to carry out any crime
  • increase the risk of a criminal being caught
  • reduce the risk of reward for the criminal, eg by only holding low levels of cash on the premises
  • reduce the provocation to commit a crime by making the environment less favourable towards any criminal

Any measures that you take should be:

  • appropriate
  • realistic
  • cost effective

Security features

You could consider adding security features to you premises, such as alarm systems, security lighting, as well as door and window security glazing, locks, latches or shutters.

Professional security consultants can offer a comprehensive risk assessment of any premises and can recommend security measures to meet the risks faced.