County Tyrone business support

A business profile of County Tyrone

The diverse commercial profile of County Tyrone reflects the fact that it offers many advantages to business, including its well-educated workforce.

Business sectors
Agriculture is the biggest industry in County Tyrone. Around 39 per cent of all VAT-registered businesses in the County are based on agriculture, in comparison with 24 per cent across Northern Ireland.

The region also has a large number of engineering businesses. In addition to this, food production and clothing are an important part of the local economy. This includes general clothing, linen and hosiery.

In 2011 there were approximately 10,650 VAT-registered businesses in County Tyrone. The details of numbers of VAT-registered businesses are as follows:

  • Dungannon - 3,325
  • Omagh - 3,155
  • Cookstown - 2,275
  • Strabane - 1,895

The top three industry sectors in County Tyrone are as follows:

  • Agriculture - 4,150
  • Construction - 1,735
  • Retail - 820

Invest NI has created council area profiles for each council in Northern Ireland - this includes information and statistics on entrepreneurship, registered businesses and businesses by sector and size. Councils in County Tyrone include:

Getting business advice
All districts in the region offer help to new businesses to start up. There are several local enterprise centres and business start-up programmes across the county.