Property changes and business rates

Business rates: changes to your existing property

The rateable value of business property is based on its open market rental value at a set date. Changing your business premises can affect the rental value and so affect the rateable value. For example, the rateable value might increase if you build an extension, install air conditioning or upgrade the property in some way.

Planning permission

You should check whether you need planning permission and building regulations approval before making any changes to your business property.

Property valuation reviewed

You should inform Land & Property Services (LPS) if you make any changes to your business property. If you don't, you might later face a backdated increase in your rates bill.

You can make an online submission to have your valuation reviewed if your property has been altered or renovated or if you feel that your rate bill is not correct.

To use the online submission, you should input your property information on the first page and click on the search button. This will then bring up the address, valuation etc. When you are satisfied that this is the correct property, you can then click on the submit query button and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

Alternatively you can download the LPS CR3 application form (PDF, 1.35MB).

This is a writable document, which means that you can complete it on screen, print and send to LPS. Alternatively, you can save the document to your desktop, complete the form and send as an attachment to your local LPS Valuation office.

If you require further information on how changing, extending or demolishing a property will affect your rates then contact your local LPS Valuation office.

Revised rateable value

If the rateable value of your premises is re-assessed, the valuation office will send you a valuation certificate of your revised valuation. This shows the new rateable value and the reason for the change in rateable value. LPS provide a service to find the current rateable value of a property.

You can appeal this decision within 28 days or if you wish to, you can employ a rating agent, at your own cost, to act on your behalf and handle any queries about your rateable value.

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.

LPS is revaluing all business properties in Northern Ireland and the new values will be used to calculate rate bills for businesses and organisations from April 2020. Read full details on Reval2020.