CE marking and global compliance seminars

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Seminars to provide guidance on CE compliance and global technical standards

Invest Northern Ireland (NI) will host several seminars in 2019 to provide guidance on CE marking and global technical compliance requirements for product and component safety.

CE marking seminars
European directives mandate CE marking. Many products are covered by these directives and, to be placed on the European market, must bear the 'CE' mark - it's a legal requirement.

To help your business understand and comply with the requirements for CE marking, Invest NI will host the following seminars:

The courses will be interactive and participative, with opportunities for discussion. On completion, you should be able to understand:

  • the statutory requirements involved
  • the technical requirements and compliance standards
  • the CE marking process and the best route to compliance
  • how to apply risk assessment techniques relevant to CE marking

The CE marking for mechanical engineering course is based primarily on the Machinery Directive. The CE marking for electrical engineering course is based mainly on the Low Voltage (LV) and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directives.

Global technical compliance
For companies that intend to supply mechanical or electro-mechanical machinery and/or electrical and electronic products outside of the European Union, Invest NI will host a global technical compliance seminar on 10 December 2019.

This half-day, intensive seminar will give the latest and relevant information on global standards' requirements for product and component safety and:

  • provide compliance guidelines for key global trading areas
  • focus on areas that are of particular interest to participants attending

Companies planning to trade or currently trading in the global marketplace will find this seminar extremely useful.

Register to attend the global technical compliance seminar on 10 December 2019.