Make child maintenance deductions from an employee's pay

Change of circumstances for DEOS


Tell the Child Maintenance Service if your employee's circumstances change.

You can use the online service My Child Maintenance Case.

Or contact the Child Maintenance Service employer helpline.

Child Maintenance Service employer helpline
Telephone: 0800 232 1961
Text relay number: 18001 0800 171 2345
nidirect guidance on contacting 08 and 03 telephone numbers

If your business stops trading, or if your employee leaves your employment, you must tell the service dealing with the case within 10 days.

You should also tell them if your employee changes their hours.

You and your employee will be sent a revised deduction from earnings order (DEO).

If the Child Maintenance Service cancels a DEO

They will write to you and your employee to tell you the DEO has been cancelled. They will ask you to stop taking deductions from the date of the letter.

You must only stop taking deductions if you're told in writing.

  • CMS employer helpline
    0800 232 1961
  • CMS text relay number
    18001 0800 171 2345
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