Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs)

Changing details (and extending) an Open Individual Export Licence


Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs) are not transferable and cannot be altered, except with the permission of the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU).

The main permitted changes are:

  • the exporter's change of address
  • the consignee's change of name or address

Minor changes to OIELs

During your licence period, you may request small changes to your OIEL without having to submit a new application. These include the:

  • name or address of existing consignee and/or end user already (documentary evidence required)
  • new consignee for a destination which is already on the licence
  • colour of the equipment listed in licence
  • part number of the exact same good
  • increase in value of goods

The ECJU will not amend a licence if:

  • there is a new destination
  • there is a new end user
  • the goods have changed
  • there is an increased quantity of goods

Changes to OIEL holder's name or address

If your business changes its name, you should write to the ECO, including the following details:

  • the OIEL licence number(s) affected
  • your new company name/address
  • the name and address of new owner, if applicable
  • the new Companies House registration number, if applicable

Requesting OIEL changes

To request changes to your OIEL, you should contact the ECJU case officer who initially issued the OIEL. Case officer contact details are published on SPIRE, the ECJU's export licensing database.

Extending OIEL validity periods

You can ask the ECJU to extend the period of an existing OIEL for up to six months - as long as you previously submitted a new OIEL application covering similar goods and destinations.

You should submit your request for an extended validity period along with the new OIEL application using the ECJU's SPIRE electronic application system. Alternatively, you can add a cover letter to your new application. Requests should be made at least eight weeks before the existing licence ends.