Chemical manufacturing environmental regulations

Chemical manufacturing carbon and other air emission authorisations


CO2 and other air emissions from your business' activities can cause air pollution, contribute to climate change and harm human health. You must check if your emissions need a permit, registration or other consent from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) or your district council.

Greenhouse gas permit - when you need one

Some energy intensive businesses are required to reduce CO2 emissions and trade allowances under the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). You should check if your business needs a permit under the EU ETS.

You must have a greenhouse gas permit and report on your CO2 emissions, for example, if you carry out combustion activities with a total rated thermal input exceeding 20 megawatts.

Combustion activities include:

  • using electricity generators
  • using boilers
  • using combined heat and power
  • waste incineration (other than hazardous or municipal waste) where the primary purpose is the production of energy

Furnace or boiler approval - check if you need it

Your district council must approve your plans and specifications before you can use a new furnace (except a domestic furnace), fixed boiler or industrial plant, or if you make changes to an existing furnace. Planning permission or a building warrant is not sufficient. You must be able to operate the furnace continuously without emitting smoke when using the correct type of fuel.

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