Chemical manufacturing environmental regulations

Chemical manufacturing radioactive substances certificates and exemptions


If your business uses radioactive substances you must take care to ensure you do not damage the environment or harm human health. You must minimise the amount of radioactive waste you create and dispose of any radioactive waste safely.

Chemical manufacturing businesses may have radioactive sources in:

  • isotopic tracers to track or monitor chemical reaction processes
  • level-detection devices on packing lines
  • smoke-detection devices on plant and equipment

Certificates of registration or authorisation - when you need one

You must have a certificate of registration from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) if you keep or use radioactive materials. You must register:

  • open or unsealed sources on your premises
  • closed or sealed sources on your premises
  • mobile apparatus incorporating a sealed radioactive source
  • mobile apparatus (open sources) for use in environmental studies
  • radioactive packages stored in transit

You might create radioactive waste during certain chemical manufacturing processes. You must have a certificate of authorisation if you dispose of or accumulate radioactive waste.

See managing radioactive substances.

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