The importance of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR)

Choosing to handle Defra or RPA 'released' consignments before other 'held' consignments

If, for commercial reasons, you wish to obtain a Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) release for those consignments that already have release decisions and you do not wish to wait for remaining release decisions, then this can only be done by creating separate CHIEF Import declarations.

If you decide to do this, where multiple Automatic Licence Verification System (ALVS) released consignments involve different Integrated Tariff of the European Community (TARIC) codes you must create a CHIEF Import declaration containing an item for each Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) consignment line that has all its necessary release decisions. Each item must be created with a weight to match the total weight of each released consignment.

Multiple PEACH consignments for a Single CHIEF declaration

Where you have multiple ALVS released consignment lines which all map to the same TARIC code then you can create a single corresponding item on the CHIEF Import declaration with a weight matching the summed total weight of those consignment lines.

Having created the Import declaration, in most circumstances this will result in ALVS matching the item/s to the consignments and sending the release decisions through to CHIEF. The Import declaration will be automatically released and those consignments on the PEACH Advance Notification will become finalised.

When any remaining held consignments have received their release decisions in PEACH then an additional CHIEF Import Declaration will need to be created. The additional Import declaration can contain the same Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) as the previously released Import declaration, but remember CHIEF will not permit two Import declarations to co-exist with the same exact DUCR and Part combination.

Same DUCR but new Part suffix in the new Import declaration

If you use the same DUCR but a new Part suffix in the new Import declaration then:

  • no PEACH DUCR amendment should be required to facilitate the ALVS release
  • create the Import declaration with only the item/s that now have release decisions
  • ALVS should match those items to those consignments and cause that Import declaration to be released
  • once released in CHIEF, those consignments on the PEACH Advance Notification will be finalised

If you decide to use a new DUCR in your new Import declaration then you will have to use the PEACH DUCR Amend function to change the DUCR on the PEACH Advance Notifications which contain the newly-released consignments.

You need to be aware that amendment of the DUCR or Part on Advance Notifications may not be possible if the PEACH Advance Notification you wish to amend has already been finalised, as they contain consignments already released. In such cases you should consider using the same DUCR and a new Part suffix in the new CHIEF Import declaration.

Additional steps required for early release

There can be some unique circumstances where ALVS is not able to automatically supply the release decisions to CHIEF to facilitate automated release of the Import declaration. This can happen where there are PEACH consignments that share the same exact DUCR and Part combination and all have the same TARIC mapping as some of those consignments you wish to release, whilst others still have hold decisions.

For example, if you have multiple PEACH consignment of apples of variety 'Cox Pippin' with release decisions and also a PEACH consignment of variety 'Braeburn' which is still being held, in such a case you should first attempt to create the CHIEF Import declaration with each item representing each consignment line with matching individual weights. This should allow the Import declaration to be released.

If however you wish to create the CHIEF Import declaration with a single item representing the total summed weight of the released consignment lines then an additional PEACH DUCR Amend step will be required.

The PEACH DUCR Amend function must be used to change either the Part number or the DUCR of the Advance Notifications containing the non-released consignments. The type of DUCR amendment you make will depend on your decision as to whether the new CHIEF Import declaration you will create for the non-released consignments will contain the same DUCR and a Part combination not already used, or whether a new, different DUCR will be used.

Once the appropriate DUCR amendments have been made to those PEACH advance notifications then:

  • ALVS should be able to match the initial released consignment lines to the CHIEF Import declaration
  • an automated release of the Import declaration will occur

When the remaining held consignments have received their release decisions then an additional CHIEF Import declaration will have to be created with the item(s) that now have release decisions.

This new Import declaration must contain the DUCR - and Part if applicable - that you amended on the PEACH Advance Notification.