Working with the Port Health Authorities

Choosing a port


You may already know the port or airport you intend to use. If you're unsure you can get a list and full contact details from the Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA). You can contact the Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA).

If you're importing controlled foods such as meat or peanuts make sure the port or airport you use is approved to carry out checks on your consignment, or your consignment will be refused entry.

Read more about designated points of entry for high risk foods.

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Fees for consignment checks

Port health authorities may inspect any consignment. There's normally no charge for this, although the Port Operator may make a charge for making the consignment available for inspection. However, if your consignment is subject to special controls there may be a charge to cover the cost of the checks. This applies to consignments of products of animal origin (POAO), organic products and certain food products not of animal origin.

Charges for POAO

Before your consignment of POAO can be released you must pay a standard charge for any veterinary checks. The basic fee payable is based on the gross weight of the consignment. If physical checks are made - such as samples taken for laboratory analysis - you may be required to meet the extra cost. Your local Border Control Post (BCP) will be able to give you information on charges per consignment size. 

Charges for FNAO

Charges apply for controls on products of high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin listed in Annex I of Regulation (EC) 669/2009, as amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 212/2010.

Download Regulation 669/2009 (PDF, 864K).

Download Commission Regulation (EU) 212/2010 (PDF, 745K).

For other high-risk foods (food not of animal origin (FNAO)) the legislation that introduces the controls will specify the relevant charge, if any. You can find a list of FNAO subject to special controls.

Failed checks

If your consignment fails to comply with import conditions you'll be required to reimburse the authority for the costs of the enforcement action, as well as for the cost of re-exporting or destroying it.

Port Operator charges

Other charges may also be levied by the Port Operator for the presentation and handling of your consignment at the port or airport. You may also be liable for storage/demurrage or incineration charges if your consignment is detained.