CivTech 5.0 innovation challenge

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Are you interested in building a new product and creating a new business?

CivTech Scotland has launched its latest set of open challenges and is looking for innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to propose solutions to public sector problems.

This is a unique opportunity to develop a new product with global market potential together with an influential first customer.

Ten challenges are available under CivTech 5.0:

  • How can tech help to optimise the management of timber and forests?
  • How can we use technology to estimate herbivore populations and their impacts across Scotland in a greener and more cost effective way?
  • How can digital help farmers improve the environment under their stewardship, and track that improvement?
  • How can digital help invent the future of immersive learning?
  • How can technology help develop a skills sharing system that encourages people to engage, and those with expertise to share their skills, in rural and remote locations?
  • How can tech help develop our evidence base, and build trust with our users?
  • How can we use technology to create a smart and sustainable travel network in remote and rural areas?
  • How can IoT and tech make our homes safer to live and work in?
  • How can innovation help NHS Scotland support employers to ensure the health of their people?
  • How can tech help foster the development of informal networks when people are working at home or in work local hubs?

Find out more about the individual challenges.

Up to six candidates will be shortlisted per challenge and three will be selected to go into an initial exploration stage to develop their proposal hand-in-hand with the challenge sponsor.

Further interviews will then take place to select one team per challenge for the 12-week CivTech Accelerator to further build the solution.

Teams will be provided with £5,000 during the exploration phase. A further £25,000 will be given to those who access the Accelerator.

Read more about the challenge stages in CivTech's Innovation Flow.

If you'd like to put forward an idea, you’ll have until 11:00 on 3 August 2020 to apply.

Find out how to apply here.

Your application will be submitted and handled through the Scottish Government's Public Contracts Scotland website (PCS). This is the single point of entry for Scottish public sector contracts.

First published 21 July 2020