CivTech Sprint Challenge: Explainable AI

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Can you use technology to create explainable and ethical AI solutions for the public sector?

The Scottish Government and Police Scotland are sponsoring a new CivTech Sprint Challenge - a competition focusing on how to develop ethical, explainable artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Explainable, in this sense, means that the cause of the decisions made or supported by AI systems can be understood by humans - including the operators of these systems, as well as the people affected by those decisions.

The challenge has two levels:

  • The strategic challenge of developing ethical explainable AI for the public sector in a way which can be repeated or scaled across multiple uses.
  • The specific challenge of developing ethical, explainable AI ‘use case’ application to Police Scotland's requirements (set out in Appendix 1)

The challenge sponsors want to achieve the following outcomes:

  • an individual can understand how an AI decision affecting them has been arrived at, in close to real time
  • the development of a scalable repeatable method which establishes a benchmark in standards of 'explainability'
  • supporting responsible adoption of AI to improve effectiveness and efficiency

The end users of the solution are likely to be citizens/service users affected by decision making, organisational users using AI, developers of AI applications for public sector and those involved in ethical frameworks and information governance and policy.

For specific users relating to the Police Scotland use case, refer to Appendix 1.

The contract has an estimated value of £650,000 excluding VAT, and an estimated project duration of 24 months. You must apply for this Sprint Challenge via Public Contracts Scotland.

Closing date for this challenge is 27 October 2020.

First published 14 October 2020