Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Communicate business information with employees

To motivate your staff to share ideas and feedback, your employees must be informed about your business, what it does and what it wants to achieve.

You will only gain meaningful input and ideas from your employees if you effectively communicate information on how to improve your business. How you do this will depend on your business.

Communicating with employees

In order to keep your employees informed you could consider:

  • providing regular performance updates through the channels you have available, for example, email or on noticeboards, posters, or TV screens around the office
  • holding regular face-to-face business updates where employees can ask questions and you can share information - consider alternative channels for employees who work remotely or cannot make the meeting
  • equipping managers with briefing materials and support which helps them put business performance information into context for their teams
  • communicating your personal views on business progress and performance through the channels you have available, for example, an internal newsletter column, blog, podcast or video for the intranet
  • running regular discussions with staff, eg monthly breakfast or lunch meetings, that focus on particular topics or issues of interest or relevance to your employees