Consultation on draft Green Growth Strategy

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Public and industry urged to review NI Executive's draft strategy and have your say on Northern Ireland’s Green Growth approach

The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive has published a consultation on the draft Green Growth Strategy.

This Green Growth Strategy sets out an ambitious vision and a framework for delivery with which all other NI government policies and strategies must align. It provides a vitally important opportunity to embed wider climate change, a green economy and environmental considerations into decision making.

The Strategy is underpinned by ten NI Executive commitments:

  1. Embedding green growth - We will ensure that Green Growth is central to all our policy and budgetary decisions by introducing a statutory Green Growth test and making Green Growth a budgetary priority.
  2. Legislating for change - We will introduce legislation for reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the UK’s ambition to achieve net zero by 2050 and, to deliver upon this, we will develop clear targets and pathways in a Climate Action Plan from 2022.
  3. A fair transition - We will ensure that the transition we make will be a “Just Transition”, fair for all our citizens, and we will establish a Just Transition Commission in 2022.
  4. People first - We commit to putting citizens at the heart of our Green Growth policy development and delivery by ensuring ongoing engagement with young people and other key groups, including a Citizen Assembly Panel.
  5. Supporting behavioural change - We will promote behavioural change by providing low carbon options, infrastructure, timely information, advice and support to citizens and businesses to enable them to make informed choices on the transition to a low emissions economy. 
  6. Evidence based decision making - We will ensure our decisions and actions associated with the transition to low emissions, green jobs and a clean environment are underpinned by robust and timely evidence and science.
  7. Investing in green growth  - We will transform our economy by working proactively with businesses, communities and all parts of government to maximise funding and investment opportunities for Green Growth and promote innovation, skills, research and technology.
  8. Leading by example - We will provide public sector leadership by delivering a government estate and fleet with net zero operational carbon emissions and ensure a Green Growth aligned procurement strategy for all government spend.
  9. Working with others - We will commit to ensure all government departments and the wider public sector work together to maximise our decarbonisation efforts, and will work in partnership with our neighbours across UK regions and the Republic of Ireland.
  10. Measuring progress - We will ensure sound governance and reporting arrangements for the delivery of the Green Growth Strategy and Climate Action Plan by recommending that the Assembly establish a Standing Committee on Climate Action and agree a monitoring framework for measuring progress.

Extensive engagement with organisations and individuals has taken place to prepare this draft Green Growth Strategy. The Executive wants to know what you think of the assessment of the situation, what needs to change, and the commitments and infrastructure needs and priorities going forward.

Find consultation documents and how to respond online.

Responses to the consultation are open until 11:59 on 21 December 2021.

First published 26 October 2021

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