Coronavirus: Advice for community pharmacies in response to coronavirus regulation

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Advice to all community pharmacies in Northern Ireland concerning the COVID-19 pandemic

The Department of Health (DoH) has outlined that community pharmacy employers should maintain their services while following the social distancing guidance and legislation to protect their staff and the public.

All community pharmacies in Northern Ireland should open for business as normal and continue to follow the specific guidance for pharmacies in the HSCB Community Pharmacy FAQs and Staff Protection Checklist.

Pharmacies are advised to follow some simple steps to help protect the health and safety of staff. Such best practice workplace measures include:

  • Allocate key roles to each staff member in protecting the team.
  • Give daily staff updates to all staff (including delivery staff) on key priorities and guidance changes.
  • Rotate staff on a regular basis on the counter to minimise patient contact
  • Keep everyone at least two metres apart.
  • Put up notices to remind everyone to keep their distance.
  • Train staff on handwashing.
  • Encourage patients to use contactless payment and their own pens for signing prescriptions.

The HSCB Community Pharmacy FAQs will be updated on an ongoing basis with new questions or updates to answers in response to the latest information and guidance becoming available.

For further information, see general guidance on social distancing available from the Public Health Agency.

First published 30 March 2020