Coronavirus: COVID-19 Supply Chain Checklist

News article

Checklist to help you manage supply chain risk and disruption

Invest Northern Ireland has developed a practical checklist and a short animation to encourage businesses to improve their supply chain in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID 19, and the associated lockdown measures, have played havoc with supply chains locally and globally. They have caused a wide array of problems, including transportation and logistics challenges, diminished cash flow and reduced workforces.

Recognising the various factors that may be affecting your supply chain, Invest NI's COVID-19 Supply Chain Checklist covers two steps:

  • mitigating the immediate risks to your supply chain
  • planning your recovery

As you work through the checklist, each question will help you build your strategy and take key actions to protect your business.

Download the COVID-19 Supply Chain Checklist (PDF, 43K).

You can also watch the animation below to see how the COVID-19 Supply Chain Checklist can help your business.

First published 30 July 2020