Coronavirus: Guidance on managing vaccination issues in the workplace

News article

The Labour Relations Agency (LRA) has published a free guide for employers and employees on the COVID-19 vaccination and the workplace

This guide sets out some of the key considerations for employers regarding issues around the vaccination of staff, including how to tackle some of the ethical, legal and practical challenges. The guidance includes a sample vaccination policy that employers can tailor to reflect their needs.

Why should employers read this guidance?

This guidance will help employers understand the key considerations around the COVID-19 vaccination and the workplace. Key takeaways for employers include:

  • why employers should think carefully about compiling a ‘COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace’ policy document.
  • how to approach the issue in a voluntary and encouraging perspective.
  • highlighting the variety of legal issues that underpin the policy.
  • always take into account fact sensitivities when applying a policy.
  • strive to retain effective and harmonious employment relations regarding the implementation of a policy.

Read the LRA's Practical Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccination and the Workplace.

First published 7 June 2021