Workforce testing for coronavirus

Coronavirus testing for businesses with ten or more employees


Your business can help reduce the spread of coronavirus through routine testing of asymptomatic employees.

Businesses with ten or more employees can access free lateral flow tests for coronavirus and get advice on implementing workforce testing through the Workforce Asymptomatic Testing Programme.

How to apply?

Any employer wishing to introduce workforce testing should contact the Department of Health by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

When the Department of Health receives your EOI, they will contact you with advice on the testing models available to your organisation and how you can progress your application. 

Types of testing models available

The testing models that are available to organisations in NI include:

  • Assisted testing site - employees, contractors or others who require testing can be tested on-site.
  • Workplace collect system - home test kits delivered to the employer for distribution to those requiring tests.
  • Blended assisted testing/workforce collect model

The workforce testing model provides a higher degree of assurance to employers that staff are testing. It is the preferred model for organisations with more than ten staff.

If the workforce scheme is not appropriate for your organisation, employees can access tests through the community testing channel. See coronavirus testing for businesses with less than ten employees.

Further advice

If you have any questions or queries about the programme before submitting your Expression of Interest Form, email the Department of Health at