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Correcting errors on Intrastat Supplementary Declaration CSV files


Validation is done in two stages. Any errors on the header rows will generate a bad header screen. The data is then validated. Any errors found in the data will show on the submission error screen.

Error-free files will show on the confirm submission screen. To transmit the files, click the "confirm" button. To abort the transmission, click the "cancel" button.

Validation on large files may take time. As long as you are connected to the internet you can log out and log back in later. At this point, you will see either the confirm submission or the submission error screen.

Correcting errors on a CSV file

Errors will be highlighted 50 at a time. Correcting the CSV file in Excel is only slightly more complicated than on an ordinary Excel Spreadsheet. This is because a CSV file is saved in a scientific format and when opened in Excel, it drops leading zeros and reduces the width in some columns.

To correct the file, you will have to:

  • Widen the 2nd column. This will change 1.23+08 back to your VAT number.
  • Return the leading zeros on the period number, date and commodity code.
  • Correct the errors, resave the file and resubmit.

The period number, data period number and commodity codes could lose the leading zeros.

To return the zeros, click on the cells and right click the mouse to generate the menu screen. Select "format cells", and then in the number tab, click on custom. Under "type", enter the number of zeros required, eg 0000 for period and 00000000 for the commodity code. By clicking "OK" the leading zeros will return or after selecting "format cells" under Number click on "text".