ATA and CPD carnets

CPD (Carnets de Passages en Douane) carnets

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) carnets can cover the use under temporary admission of the following vehicles, both private and commercial, into certain non-European Union (EU) countries:

  • road motor vehicles
  • motor cycles
  • trailers
  • registered motor sport vehicles transported by trailer for private of commercial transport use

CPD carnets are for use by people not normally resident in the destination country. They are not required for the temporary import of non EU motor vehicles into the UK but may be required in some EU countries for certain categories of vehicles. The vehicle covered by the CPD carnet cannot be hired, loaned, abandoned or otherwise disposed of without the approval of both the issuing association and the customs authority of the country visited.

If the vehicle is intended to be used in other EU countries the customs authority in that country should be contacted to confirm their requirements.

For UK vehicles exported for temporary use outside the EU, a CPD carnet issued in the UK will cover the vehicles use in the non EU countries visited where those countries accept CPD carnets.

Obtaining a CPD carnet

You can get a CPD carnet from:

The old Airfield Site 
Bury Road 
IP29 4UQ 

Telephone: +44 (0) 1284 333 812

The FIA website has details of EU member states that issue CPD carnets.

Using a CPD carnet

A CPD carnet is a multi-part document consisting of 5, 10 or 25 pages. One page is used each time a country is visited or transited, so the same carnet can be used for multiple visits, or for one visit to multiple countries. An additional sheet, a certificate of location, should be presented to the customs office at re-importation in the country where the carnet was first issued.

Each page is divided into three sections, used as follows:

  • the lower section, the importation voucher, is removed by customs on entry into a country
  • the middle section, the exportation voucher, is removed on exit
  • the top, counterfoil section, is stamped both on entry and on exit

If a country is revisited during the return journey a new page is used. The carnet must be returned to the issuing organisation so their security can be discharged.

Where is a CPD carnet required?

CPD carnets are mainly required in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and South America. Issuing organisations can provide detailed up-to-date information.