Employing and supporting LGBT workers

Creating an LGBT inclusive workplace - Pinsent Masons and Stonewall (video)

Case Study

Pinsent Masons is an international law firm with offices across the world including Belfast. They are committed to staff development and retention within a workplace that is friendly, open and inclusive.

Paul Gillen, Partner at Pinsent Masons, explains the importance of diversity in their workplace, the steps they take to create an inclusive work environment, including their initiatives to support LGBT workers and the help they have received to achieve these aims.

Fergal McFerran, Diversity Champions Programme Manager at Stonewall explains the benefits of creating a diverse workplace and the support available from Stonewall to help organisations support their LGBT workers.

Case Study

Paul Gillen

pinsent masons

Paul's top tips:

  • "Get all staff involved - they can lead in what they see are the LGBT issues in the workplace."
  • "Take a stand for things that are important for the business and for the wider community."
  • "Make sure you lead in LGBT organisations that develop issues in business across Northern Ireland."