Work with UK universities and colleges

Delivering innovation through collaboration and networking

Innovate UK, previously known as the Technology Strategy Board, provides ways for your business to drive innovation through networking and collaboration. It can help your business through a variety of tools and mechanisms that include the following:

  • Knowledge Transfer Networks - networks in specific fields of technology or business application which bring businesses, research facilities, universities, technology and finance organisations together to encourage innovation through knowledge exchange. Read the page in this guide on Knowledge Transfer Networks.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships - businesses can learn new skills or develop technologies by working with a research or technology organisation. Read the page in this guide on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.
  • Collaborative research and development - brings businesses together with each other and with research organisations to work in specific fields to develop new products, services and processes. Read the page in this guide on collaborative research and development.
  • Micro and nanotechnology centres - built on existing business or university knowledge, these facilities address application areas where micro and nanotechnologies are considered vital to future UK industry. Read the page in this guide on research councils and government help.
  • International programmes - international business opportunities are more important than ever before. Worldwide trends and technology developments also play a role in the competitiveness of UK businesses. Innovate UK provides UK business support - in Eurostars and EUREKA - assistance with getting Framework Programme funding and guidance for European Union activities.