The importance of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR)

Detailed options and explanations regarding DUCR matching

There are several different types of Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) matching rules which have different requirements.

Single rule matching

The single rule matching requires that:

  • the DUCR and Part combination provided on the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) Import declaration and Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) Advance Notification are to be exactly the same
  • where no Part is to be used then the Part must not be entered on both the PEACH Advance Notification and CHIEF Import declaration
  • more than one Advance Notification can have the same repeated DUCR and Part to facilitate individual item to consignment line matching where more than four items are required to be matched - a single PEACH Advance Notification contains a maximum of four consignment lines

Bulk rule matching

Bulk rule matching has been provided to facilitate traders who complete PEACH applications on the basis of one application per container as a result of the commercial invoice, packing list and phytosanitory certificate being documented separately.

Bulk rule matching requires that:

  • a DUCR and a Part combination must be provided on the CHIEF Import declaration
  • each PEACH Advance Notification should only contain a single consignment line with the same exact DUCR as the CHIEF Import declaration but no Part must be recorded

Multiple containers on a single vessel

When dealing with multiple containers on a single vessel or voyage, there are two approaches to the creation of the containers to Rural Payments Agency Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate and Plant Health in the PEACH Advance Notification. You can either:

  • create a separate PEACH Advance Notification for each container - ensure that only one consignment line is in the PEACH Advance Notification
  • create a single PEACH Advance Notification, enter each container as a consignment line up to a maximum of four consignment lines. If necessary continue entering additional consignments on further PEACH Advance Notifications as required.