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Developing tourism together

12 November 2019 

Tourism partnerships event for businesses in Mid and East Antrim 

Attend this event to hear about the role and achievements of local industry led tourism clusters in Mid and East Antrim. Learn from industry professionals, who have taken their businesses or events from strength to strength by recognising the importance of working in partnership with the community, businesses and statutory bodies.

Event content
Guest speakers will include:

  • Liz Weir, Festival Director of The Glens Storytelling Festival, owner of Ballyeamon Barn and local tour guide (Member of The Glens Cluster);
  • Sinead Mone, The Bank House in Whitehead (Member of The Gobbins Cluster);
  • Beth Greenan, from Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort (Member of the Ballymena Cluster)
  • Paul Moore, NI Survival School (Member of all 3 clusters)

This event has been organised as part of Enterprise Week 2019 and offers a great opportunity for industry networking whilst providing advice, inspiration and tips for future success. It is suitable for new starts, existing tourism and hospitality businesses plus community groups interested in strengthening their tourism or event offering.

Event details
The event details are as follows:

Date: 18 November 2019
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: Willowbank Business Park & Conference Centre, Larne
Cost: free 

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