Digital conference IndTech 2020

News article

IndTech2020, European conference on industrial technologies, is inviting interested parties from research and industry to discuss future trends and technological challenges.

The conference will be performed as a digital event on 27 and 28 October 2020.

It will identify some of the key challenges facing society and the industrial technologies sector in 2020, as well as how cutting-edge European research and innovation will address these challenges.

The event's plenary session is derived from the conference title 'Transition to Sustainable Prosperity'. It will focus on the steps required for a socially fair transition to a sustainable and green economy and the main challenges facing EU policy, industry, academia and society. This session will be followed by a panel discussion on the opportunities and pitfalls of strengthening Europe's technological sovereignty.

Finally, thematic workshops will take place with a focus on battery technologies, digitalisation and biologically inspired innovation in materials science, production and manufacturing technologies, the European Green Deal and low-carbon and circular economies.

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First published 14 October 2020