Disciplinary procedures, hearings and appeals

Disciplinary action you can take


After a disciplinary hearing, you could decide to:

  • drop the issue completely
  • issue a verbal, written - or a final written - warning
  • provide counselling or training to help resolve the issue
  • apply a disciplinary penalty, such as demotion or dismissal

Take account of factors such as the employee's previous record and any mitigating circumstances in making your decision.

Disciplinary action other than dismissal

If you feel that the employee's misconduct or poor performance was not serious enough to dismiss them, you could:

  • transfer them to another job
  • demote them
  • fine them, eg by not paying a bonus that they might have been eligible for
  • suspend them without pay - this is not very common and would mean that you lose the employee's services for a time

To avoid potential claims, you should ensure disciplinary actions are authorised by the employee's contract of employment.