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Discover export opportunities online

28 November 2018

Export opportunities service for UK companies

The UK is one of the first countries in the world to provide the export opportunities online service, following the recent launch of the Export Strategy and a drive to boost British exports.

The easy-to-use digital service lists business opportunities around the world from companies that want UK products and gives manufacturers in the UK a unique opportunity to sell across the globe.

Examples of the service include:

  • the Government of Ghana wants UK companies to help build infrastructure and supply vehicles
  • a Dutch education body that wants to buy touch-screen computers from the UK
  • a Hong Kong distributor who wants British cheeses for hotels, airlines and supermarkets
  • a Mumbai distributor who wants British chocolate to sell through its network of suppliers across India

The service has 20,000 export opportunities available to search online, helping UK companies sell their goods overseas.

Access the export opportunities service