Comply with the law when providing goods and services

Distance selling rules

If you sell to consumers at a distance there are additional rules that you must stick to. Distance selling includes selling:

  • at the consumer’s home or workplace
  • online
  • by telephone
  • by mail order
  • somewhere that is not your usual trading premises

These rules don’t apply when selling to other businesses. For detailed information on your responsibilities, and consumers' rights, when selling at a distance or away from your usual trading premises, see consumer contracts.

Providing information

When communicating with your customers you must provide key information, such as pricing and the right to cancel, before the order is placed. You must also confirm all the required information on a durable medium, at the latest when the goods are delivered or before the service you are providing comes to an end. For more information see providing consumers with contract information.

Right to cancel

Consumers can cancel a contract up to 14 calendar days after the goods are delivered or the service contract is agreed. For more information see right to cancel consumer contracts.


Delivery of the goods, or the beginning of the performance of a service, must be within 30 days from the day after the contract was made, unless otherwise agreed. The customer must be informed if you are unable to meet this deadline - they are not obliged to agree to a revised date and can cancel the contract.

Any money paid must be refunded without undue delay and within 14 days from the day after the consumer informs you of their decision to cancel.

For more information see distance and online selling rules.