WEEE for manufacturers, rebranders and importers

Do WEEE producer responsibilities apply to my business?


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations apply to businesses that produce electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). You are defined as a producer if you put EEE on the UK market by:

  • manufacturing and selling EEE under your own brand
  • reselling EEE products produced by another supplier under your own brand (rebranding)
  • importing or exporting EEE into the UK or another European Union member state on a professional basis

The regulations apply to all producers regardless of their size.

If you distribute, sell or use EEE, or deal with WEEE, you also have legal duties - see waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Check if your products are affected

There are a number of steps you should follow when assessing whether your products are covered by the WEEE Regulations. You need to check:

  1. the product's power source and voltage rating - see how to check the power source and voltage of your product
  2. whether the product falls into one of ten EEE categories - see how to check product categories
  3. whether it's been put on the UK market - see how to check if you put products on the UK market
  4. whether the product is a finished product or a spare, sub-assembly or component - see final products, spares, sub-assemblies and components
  5. whether it falls under an exemption - see exemptions under the WEEE Regulations

You can also find a list of products that fall under the WEEE directive.