Temporary exportation from the UK

The Duplicate List


There is no charge for using the Duplicate List procedure, unlike the ATA carnet.

What goods are covered?

You can only use the Duplicate List to temporarily export the following limited range of goods:

  • professional effects
  • works of art and other items only for exhibition, display or demonstration purposes
  • trade samples
  • trophies belonging to a recognised sporting association or organising body permanently established in the UK

How does it work?

The goods must travel with you as accompanied baggage. They must not be altered, processed or repaired when they are in a non-European Union country. However, you can carry out running repairs to return the goods to their original condition.

Unlike the ATA carnet, using the Duplicate List doesn't simplify customs procedures in the destination country. So you'll need to:

  • fill in the foreign customs import and re-export documentation
  • give any financial security that's normally required